A year without social media

I guess not using social media for a year is a nightmare for many of you, don’t worry I was also on the same page as you are. It all basically started 3-4 years back when I was just 16-17 years old and I first started using social media (preferably Instagram and Facebook). Like any other teenager it didn’t take long for me to become an addict. All I ever did was scroll down on Facebook or see how many likes my pic got. It all somewhere created an unnecessarily expectations for me. Which in an obvious way effected my real life. Fortunately, I noticed that what was happening was not right.


Suddenly in 2018, Keeping my addiction in mind I deactivated my accounts. I really used to hate the way I was addicted to it, it was almost controlling my life, I couldn’t live for 5 minutes without checking it. Also, like any other teen, My life started appearing to be boring than my friends. Most of the time I would think that “oh my god they do this, I don’t” or ” They have this, I don’t”. So, when I couldn’t take it anymore, I QUIT.


Quitting it wasn’t easy. For the first week, I was dying to know about what was happening in there. Only I know how I controlled my urge to do that. The hardest and also the most annoying part was, Whenever I met my friends all they would ever say that ” you disappeared” or ” you’re missing a lot” I used to be standing there thinking that maybe all I was missing wasn’t worth attending in the first place.I was always the only one who was not using it and all I knew was I didn’t care and was more than happy to be living in the real world. Guess what, I traveled, went to restaurants and watched movies about which the world did not know. I no more had to prove anyone I was enjoying my life. All mattered to me was that I was happy.


One of the major lesson I have learnt is that people are nothing like what they claim to be in social media, they’re a lot different that that. Their life isn’t perfect. I still see people spending hours on it and wondering why their life isn’t perfect. I can’t even name all the negativity it can possibly spread if not used in limit or not understanding that it’s just an app. One of the worst thing you’ll ever see is that kids below 12 years of age being addict to it in a age where they should be playing outside instead of worrying how many likes their pics received. I’ll always be thankful that at least as a kid, I played outside and enjoyed my life in a way in which it was meant to be.

I’m not saying that social media is a kind of a devil or something when I myself use it now. Even though I might have Instagram, no matter how much I try, I cannot use it. I’ll always like twitter better than any other form of social media. All this because I know I’m better off without it.

Always remember, that no one ever post their failure on social media but only the good days or moments of their life. Never think that your life is boring than someone else’s life because IT’S NOT AND IT’S ALL IN YOUR HEAD.

Lastly, ” Social media should only be a part of your life, It should not become your entire life”.



If you want to start blogging, I’ll just say three words to you “GO FOR IT”. As humans, there’s a fear which exists inside each one of us about people rejecting us and our ideas. This fear holds each one of us back. In case of blogs, “What if no one reads my blog?” or “What if no one liked my blog?” First of all, everything takes time and the success of your blog depends on your patience.

How I started blogging

Since I was really young, I had a huge interest in animals. All I ever did was talk about them all day, Sit in front of TV for hours and watch animals planet, discovery all day long, was always up for a conversation about them(anytime anywhere), Would always pet street dogs and feed them and play with all those dogs the whole day. PS: I still do all this.

One of my major interest was to research about them. I always thought that I have enough knowledge about them. So I thought why not start blogging? because I always gave my family and friends opinions they did not ask for. (Which sometimes annoyed them)

As any other normal person, my fear held me back. I was scared and confused about all this. You wont believe but I spent months thinking about it and sometimes after overthinking I even dropped the idea. But as said in Sherlock “Once an idea exists, It cannot be killed” the same way, my idea could not be killed. Then I thought to myself WHO THE HELL CARES? what others think should be none of my business! at least, I’ll be doing something I’m passionate about. One or two negative people should never be able to kill my spirit.

So one day randomly, I installed WordPress, and created a blog. When I published my first post, I was confused and was eagerly waiting for some response. Also, I was checking my phone again and again. Till now I’ve wrote four blogs (this is my fifth).

I’m not a successful blogger yet because I’m a beginner but I just know one thing and that is, to work hard on it as much as it asks out of me. I do it because it makes me happy and if I’m able to help even one person with my blog, I’ll consider it successful. Blogging is one decision of my life which I would never regret.

If you want to start blogging then just DO IT!!!!!!!! Stop overthinking like I did. Yeah there will be times when you’ll make mistakes or lose motivation but it doesn’t mean that it’s not worth it. Don’t ever let your fear or any negative person hold you back from doing something which you want to do. As any other thing, you need to be passionate and be serious about it. Also, when you see famous and successful bloggers, don’t just see their success but also struggle.

It’s said ” Rome wasn’t built in one day, neither is a successful blog” so even if no one read your blog it wont be the end of the world. It wont be an easy ride but would be worth it.


So, this is probably the hardest blog I ever wrote. This story started about 5 years ago, when our family dog named Badshah(a Pomeranian) passed away after loyally being a part of our family for 10 years. His loss was hard on each one of us. At times, we didn’t even realize he was a dog, but a irreplaceable family member for us.

Basically, after months of his death, we still felt his absence and thought that our house need a new dog. Me being a crazy dog lover, wanted a German Shepherd since I was maybe 8 or 9 years. We got German Shepherd, and named him Dimo. Unfortunately, when he was just 2 months old, he got Parvovirus(a deadly disease in which a chance of survival in puppies is extremely low) and couldn’t make it.

After a few months, My parents got another German shepherd puppy. He was a little, cute, chubby German shepherd puppy whom you can’t resist to love once you’ve seen him. My dad named him ‘tiger’. The day he came, we were all extremely happy and I spent my entire day playing around with him.

Time passed, but there was sure one strange thing, whenever we took him to the vet, the vet would always ask about where did we get him from and never in his life he has seen more beautiful dog like him ever, which we always laughed of.

After he started growing up, there was something strange about his behavior. Some instances are; he would get mad when we raised our voices, touched or anyone went near other member of the family, at times he would sit outside my bedroom door to prevent anyone from coming inside. As any other dog owner would have thought, we just assumed he was just being protective of us. Whenever we had guests coming over, we just had to lock him in a room as getting him on leash wouldn’t help as it wasn’t hard for him to free himself and break anything which would ever hold him back and yes he was that strong. We always thought that he’ll change his behavior once he’s more older.

He bit us all too many times and that too without any reason. One of his major problem was, no matter how much we wanted, we could never pet him, take his name, call him or even put our hand on his head like any other pet, even if he had his head on our lap. If we did, trust me you don’t want to know what he would have done. Only he could do whatever he wanted. He never even let us enter the kitchen other than our mother. He was always angry about something but we loved him anyway.

His behavior didn’t shock us anymore but yeah it did shock the entire street when his hair stood up when he saw another dog or when he was being aggressive towards another dog. We always sarcastically said that he’s half wolf.

We tried getting him trained, asked doctors, also got him do a lot of exercise but none of it even seemed to help.

One day, he just out of nowhere attacked a guest who was just trying to touch him. Fortunately, no harm was done to her.

Time went by, And he reached the age of 2. By then he became a kind of a dog who couldn’t meet another human. While taking him out, we had to check twice to make sure the road was empty. Only time was passing but he did not improve at all. What happened next still scares us all till date and I wouldn’t even wish that to happen to my worst enemies as well.

It was afternoon of 8th February, 2018. It was me and my parents at home. My elder brother was at work. So, my brother called dad and he was talking to him lying down on the couch. Then suddenly, out of nowhere tiger came growling around me. I was convinced that he was gonna attack me, but then suddenly while talking on call, my dad said the word ‘hmm’ which he got triggered, I don’t know how any why, and, he went towards him. He suddenly made a two second eye contact with me, then he just jumped off and attacked him mercilessly, Like he was not his owner but his worst enemy. Me and my mom tried our best to stop him but we were not able to (trust me brain doesn’t work in such situations). My dad was even losing conscious as he had already badly injured both my dad’s arms and was even biting constantly. Thereafter, my dad regained some conscious & tried to gather strength & pushed him a bit away & pushed a glass table towards him to which, he ran away and my dad was immediately rushed to the hospital.

Thankfully, he just got injuries on both his hands which were covering his throat while talking on call. I believe he was aiming for my father’s neck, and, if he hadn’t been on call & had his hand in that position that was covering his neck, the injuries would be more critical. I would share the pics of injuries but trust me it can be disturbing for many of you.

The same day, we decided to give him away to someone else, who was willing to take care of him besides knowing everything. No matter what he ever did, we still couldn’t get a heart to leave him on road. Hospital workers, doctors were all shocked about what had happened. Next few months & even till now, we are in trauma.

The major question is how can a dog even do this to his own owner who never had said anything to him but just loved him? There was nothing in the world which we didn’t do for him.

We took him to the park like everyday for 2 hours, gave him the best quality food and took him to the vet no matter how little the problem was. There’s one thing I’ll always remember that when he had 106 fever, I was holding his paw and assuring him that he’ll be fine, My parents loved him like their own son, my brother played with him and petted him for hours. Was that really not good enough for him?

After that my dad started hating dogs and I do not blame him, because who wouldn’t? (but now everything is fine and he likes dogs even though he does not admit it).

So since that day, we all have been looking for an answer on why did he do this. Since the day he, left we heard nothing about him except the person whom we gave him to also left him because of the same reasons.

But after that he just became an unsolved mystery for each one of us.

So it’s my request to each one of you readers, if you happen to know anything about this behavior in dogs then please feel free to comment down below.

Tiger as a puppy
Tiger as an adult


Who doesn’t remember getting their first dog? Nothing in the world could beat that experience. Its just like getting a friend for life. Who wouldn’t leave you or judge you ever. Raising a dog is hard? yes! Is it worth it? absolutely yes!

It’s just like getting a companion for life, who will love with all it’s heart and will never judge you. There are some people who gets dogs for their entertainment or curiosity (like it’s some kind of a clown) and some people who get it after watching movies like Hachiko or Me & Marley. Most new owners most of the time have no idea about what they’re doing. So I would keep a few points in front of you which every dog owner or to be dog owner should know:-


The day you get will get your puppy, you should not expect it to love you and play with you as soon as you meet it. It’s gonna take awhile for this to happen. He will be scared and confused. Also he will take a while for it to get used to you. You have to take things slow with your new fury mate. At first all you could do is provide him/her with a warm bed, some food and a welcoming heart. Also for a first few nights, you gotta prepare yourself for some crying. He/she will cry on the middle of the night out of fear if he doesn’t see you around. So be prepared.


The day you get your puppy, he is new to the house and needs time to adjust (I know I said this above) As on the first night, you can put his bed next to yours and always remember to put him on a leash. You can also use a crate. As he will create ruckus in the house, and can also harm himself. To avoid this situation, use a leash or a crate until he’s grown up and intelligent. After that, you can leave them open.


As soon as you get your puppy, you should make sure to get a checkup done by your vet to make sure your puppy is healthy. Regular checkups and vaccinations are must. Never take any signs lightly. Always make sure that your puppy eats properly and is active. Those are the signs of a healthy puppy.


Attention, this is important! You can’t just get a dog, play with it when you feel like and ignore it when you don’t feel like alright? cause you know he’s not a teddy bear. It has feelings and does need time and attention like any other being. he will need regular walks, interactions and exercise. If you wouldn’t give him attention, it will get that in a way which you wouldn’t like. For example, destroying your expensive couch. I don’t think you are gonna like that.


This is a common problem. Most people don’t stop their puppies from biting as they think that it’s ‘cute’. I know most of the time, puppy bites don’t even hurt but trust me it will when he grows up. He wont be cute anymore. There’s a high chance that your puppy will be habitual of biting, if not stopped during he’s a puppy. Also, it will be way too hard to teach an adult dog. Also beating it or yelling like crazy wont help either. The best trick is to reward him when he listens to you.


Showing aggressive or possessive behavior can be some dangerous signs. If your dog shows aggression it should not be ignored and should be dealt very seriously. You should also visit your vet as it can be a sign of any underlying health condition. Also never reward an aggressive behavior.


If you have kids, you need to be extra careful. Never let your kid go near the dog without your supervision. Also make sure that your kid doesn’t irritate the dog while he’s eating. Even if the dog has zero intention of hurting your child, it can still do it by mistake. For example, it can put his paw on the kid’s eye and hurt him/her. No matter what YouTube videos tell you, its not a risk worth taking.

Lastly, love your dog with all your heart, give it regular grooming and exercise and clean water. Never ever think of abandoning it because you and your love is all it has. Treat it like your family member and it will give you unconditional love all of his life. You have to be the worst person for a dog to hate you.

“Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail”

Kinky Friedman


Isn’t it funny that when we were all kids, we used to go to the zoo because we loved animals and always to be near them. And what’s sad is that we never saw their pain all that time.

For humans, zoo is a source of entertainment but for animals, its a life long jail. Animals at a very young age are separated from their mothers & confined in a zoo. In the case of carnivorous animals (e.g. Lions and Tigers), they don’t even know how to hunt for their food as it is taught by their mother while they are growing up in their free environment. Zoos make these animals highly dependable on humans and according to nature, animals should never be depended upon the humans and by messing with that, we’re messing with the nature, which will have severe repercussions like we are facing today.

There are many reasons why zoos are a permanent damage towards the animals, it decreases the lifespan of the animal. Most of the animals require a certain condition to live in and if they don’t get that, their lifespan decreases. The same would happen if you keep a husky(Dog) in hot environment like many stupid people are in Delhi(no offense). According to the National Geographic, Elephants can live upto 70 years if kept in their natural habitat, but if kept in another setting, it can be as low as 17 years for the ones born in the zoo.

It also changes the behavior pattern of the animals in the worst way… many of them need to move more or otherwise they can end up being aggressive. Also they are being vulnerable to many other health conditions which can rarely be seen otherwise. Also can develop mental health issues which is never addressed or noticed.

These are one of the main reasons why animals take us to be their enemies. Trust me you’re not superior to them, They have an equal right to be here as much you and I. If these things continue, then don’t expect human-animal conflict is ever coming to an end.

Many people will always argue that they go to the zoo for their so called ‘educational purpose’ but just name one thing that you ever learned by visiting zoo? other than annoying animals! Also if you ‘actually’ want to learn something, then just watch a DOCUMENTARY on YouTube…as simple as that!

Also you people are the ones who are complaining about being bored in the quarantined period but, they have spent their entire life that way. You wanna imagine how’d you guys will feel, be my guest! So you’ve got no right to complain.

Animals are also emotional beings, they too require freedom and space like any of us. I don’t think that anything else can explain you the meaning of freedom other than quarantine but if you still don’t understand and support the life long caging of animals then, I call you one of the most ignorant and selfish people existing.

” The voice of the natural world could be, could you please give us space and leave us alone to get along with our lives with our own ways, because we know much better on how to when you start interfering” Jane Goodall


It is well said by Donald L Hicks that “We may have pets, but when it comes to unconditional love, they are our masters”. What thought do we all have before getting a pet? We’re all extremely happy and excited of course! They love us with all their heart and are always by our side. They’re the first ones to greet us when we come home or wake up in the morning & the first ones to comfort us when we had a bad day. Yet, some people just throw them away like they’re nothing.

As we all know that 2020 hasn’t been a great year for any of us because of the occurrence of the corona virus pandemic which has brought the world on its knees, There are some people deserting their pets stating that “What if they give us corona virus?” and are just throwing them away. There was a very disturbing footage from China where people are throwing their pets from the top of the building, and it could not get further disturbing. All the stray dogs, cats and pets are getting tortured in the worst way possible. Yet, there are zero studies claiming that anyone is likely to get corona virus from their pet. Their are dogs which are found being tied up with poles, street animals starving, could that get worse any further? I don’t think so….

So to all those people abandoning their pets, just take a moment and think of the day when you got them, the moments you cherished with them, the moments they made you smile and also think that he/she will never ever come to know why you left them and you never came back… how will you ever forgive yourself for that? Would you ever abandon your own child? I hope not. That pet you got is also your child. So my request to everyone, please don’t abandon your pets like heartless idiots.

One doesn’t abandon family at difficult times.

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